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Nyata is the brain child of Amber Gwynn, a woman with one core vision; to bridge the gap between plus and regular sizing. With hersimple yet important vision, Amber aims toprovide women with a sense of equality and body positivity as they engage in a retail space that can otherwise be fairly hostile to their body type.

Having always been curvaceous herself, as well as a professional curve model for BELLA Management, Amber understands all too well, the frustrations curvy women face. Whether it be finding modern and on trend designs, to make them feel bold and beautiful, or whether it be finding a safe and non-judgmental space to find these designs in - the world is a volatile place for a bootylicious babe.

Why is it, she thought, that women need to search terms like 'plus size', 'straight size' and 'sizes 12-30', in any search engine, instead of having the luxury of simply searching up 'women's fashion?’ Why is it, she thought, that women are confronted with humiliation and vilification when going into a boutique that greets them with condescending words like 'sorry, we do not offer plus sizes?'. Why is it, she thought, that women are always either too big, too small and simply never enough?

Enough, she thought. We are enough and we’ve HAD enough.

And so, in 2014, with a passion, a vision and some butt-kicking creativity, Amber created Nyata, a fashion forward label accommodating women sized 8-30. At every stage, Nyata aims to revolutionize the industry - for example, the brand steers clear from standard size labels that often (and unfortunately) indicate more than simply a woman’s size, but also her worth. Why? Because of the belief that the Nyata woman, and every woman, isso much more than the label on the back of her neck! Instead, the label uses words which metamorphose the otherwise negatively connotated world of plus size clothing, calling their size 8-10s the Beautiful range, their size 16-18s the Jaw Dropper range, and so on.

Nyata is not just a fashion label. It is a movement. A body positive movement that is here - with no plans of leaving – providing a platform for women of all sizes, of all ethnitices, of all ages.

It is a celebration of being brave, being sparkly and being bold enough to stand out in a crowd and we want to say thank you for being a part of our movement. Thank you for being the inspiration behind our movement and most importantly, thank you for helping us help you love yourself as much as we truly believe you deserve to.

Let's be friends.