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Independently designed in Melbourne, Australia & manufactured ethically in Bali, Indonesia. Nyata focuses on using sustainable fabrics to ensure longevity of the products.

Nyata is a strong advocate for ethical fashion manufacturing and proud share a transparent production process with our customers. 

We have a strong and positive working relationship with our manufacturers who we visit a couple of times per year to ensure the work conditions are always positive and that our staff continue to work in positive working conditions.

The manufacturing process is managed in a highly sustainable manner with a strong focus on water conservation and energy use. Almost every thing in the factory is reused resulting which means very little waste. Not even cuttings are thrown away, these are all donated to local orphanages.


Natural elements finish the process with all printing completed by hand and dried by the sun instead of large heat machines as Chinese and Australian factories would use. Even the pre washing of the fabrics are  washed by hand and dried in the sun instead of industrial washing machines

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