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The Beauty Bible: 5 Makeup Trends for Autumn

March 30, 2017 2 min read

If you're anything like us, you're probably in denial about having to tuck away your swimsuits and sun dresses BUT these beauty hacks will make up for it - we promise! 
This Autumn, we're following on from the best runway and street style looks that seem to be sweeping the nation (for good reason). We hope you like them as much as we do! 

1. Baby Blush Cheeks

You guessed it! A subtle blush is just what you need this Autumn. It's simple, sweet and just the right amount of sassy. We'd go as far as saying this look is a year-round must, but the cold weather makes it all the more perfect. So go ahead and add a touch of blush! 


2. Fluttery Lashes

Feminine and feisty at the same time - one of our Autumn faves! We like wearing these babies on our top lash line to make our eyes look larger and more awake but if you can rock a lower lash look (which you most certainly could) go big or go home! We like to keep the rest of our look relatively neutral for a look that modern and minimalist. 


3. Lusty Lipgloss

Swap out heavy-duty lip sticks for this lightweight beauty classic. There's a reason satin lips are trumping last season's matte trend and with all the new and less gooey formulas available on the market, we see why! 


4. Glitter-glam Eyes

We might be particularly bias to all things bright, bold and glitter, but this season we have reason to be! Glitter sometimes gets a bad rep for being too out-there and too much (umm, all of our favorite things?!) but it is making a comeback this 2017. So get onboard the glitter train and treat yourself to a simple line across your upper lid or a full lid of glitter glam. 

5. Red Eyeshadow 

Where has this trend been all our lives?! Whilst we didn't see this trend coming, the unconventional hue is all over runways and beauty bloggers cant seem to get enough of it! Skip the eyeliner, go big on the mascara and go bigger on the eyeshadow and wham! You have yourself a natural, glowing and ultra funky Autumn look.

Queens, you are 5 trends away from being the hottest part about winter. Slap on a little (a lot of) self-love, self-radiance and self-confidence and you are good to go.
Thanks for reading and as always, we'd love to hear from you! 

With love,

Team Nyata

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