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Nyata: A Journey Through Time

March 09, 2017 2 min read

This week, in light of the soon-to-be launched and highly anticipated AW17 collection, we take a trip down memory lane, stopping at every beautiful curve and every vivacious bump to appreciate how the Nyata woman has grown together with the Nyata style profile. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane before stopping off at our much-awaited destination for the season.


Abiding by the very quintessential nature of its name, the essential collection was about creating a clothing statement without compromising the dynamic characteristics of the woman wearing it. Clean lines, cinched silhouettes and a considerably minimalist color palette, the collection gave the Nyata woman as much as she needed to compliment her style whilst ironically giving her as little as she needed to let her style compliment the collection. Extending an open arm to the vibrancy of the woman behind the outfit, the collection was a blank canvas that posed as the perfect medium upon which many a colour, and many a woman, felt a sense of undeniable emancipation.


In the same way that The Essential Collection paid homage to the natural, goddess-like qualities of women everywhere, The Timeless Collection, added sparkle to the flame and confetti to the parade. Consisting of Greco-Roman-esque robes and embellished evening wear, the Timeless Collection aimed to create a woman who was so confident in her intelligence, humour, sensuality and presence, that she deserved, and better yet, demanded to be draped in glitter, sparkle, embellishment and more. The Nyata woman was now familiar with how her body would not hinder, but rather help her pursuit towards building a more fashion-conscious persona. She was now ready to take a leap of faith into a world that she had in the past been left out of, but in the future, will no longer be.

A new era began for the Nyata woman with the conception of The Bohemian Collection. Bold prints and bolder silhouettes, stark colour contrasts and unmissable detail, the collection demanded to be seen, just like the woman wearing it. The Bohemian collection was an embodiment of the free-spirited woman that inspired its creation. Reminiscent of a newfound liberation that women experienced in the late 20th century and revamped to fit the needs of women in the 21st century, the collection is only as bold as the woman behind it – and boy, is she bold!

Through the years, the Nyata woman has reinvented herself and her wardrobe without having to reinvent a new sense of self-hatred every time she looked in a mirror. The Nyata woman has learned to love herself through clothes that love her just as much and considering her newfound self-love, we are excited to see how she grows in light and laughter upon the launch of our new collection that will soon be available in store and online.
Keep a look out!

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